In Defence of Coalitions

ballot-160570_640.pngJust to get the emotional stuff out of the way – I’m still angry with the Liberal Democrats for enabling five years of cuts that went too far too fast, the regressive policies they’ve enabled, and the legacy they’ve left as they’ve imploded. But I’m most annoyed with the line peddled, most recently by Andrew George, that the electorate have punished them for going into government. Because though I’m angry about at what the 2010-15 coalition have done, that’s not because it was a coalition.

I want defend coalitions. I’ve always liked the idea. Or, to turn it around, I dislike the idea that someone who is passionate and knowledgable about a particular policy area, who is recognised by the electorate for this, and returned to the House of Commons, may not be able to utilise their expertise in government because they are of the wrong political stripe – even if on the policy matter they care about they are ideologically close to the governing party’s position. Of course, that’s not just me – Gordon Brown made a (rather unsuccessful) attempt at a government of all the talents. Read the rest of this entry »